Electronics Affiliate Program Mysteries Explained, What is an Affiliate Network?

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For people just considering getting into affiliate marketing It often looks like the entire affiliate marketing industry has been filled with jargon to confuse newcomers. In reality, it is not that hard and with a little research can be relatively easy to work out. In this article we are going to demystify the term Affiliate Network pay per install affiliate.

What does it mean?

An affiliate network is a site or organization that not only allows merchants to list their affiliate program/s there but also manages it so affiliates can take part in one or more programs easily. For an industry that is built around relationships and reputation this makes affiliate networks lucrative things to get into because it allows easier varying of links for better results and less suspicious readers. The biggest affiliate networks by user are (in no particular order) RevenueLoop, Commission Junction, ClickBank, Shareasale, Zanox and Flux Ads.

So how do you choose which network is right for you?

Essentially affiliate networks should have lots of incentives for you to join. Payments should be centralized and there should be some level of support from administrators to help you with problems. There should be several automated tools for you to use including: Page makers, keyword researching tools and systems for you to give and get feedback from merchants.

How do you get in to networks?

Getting into networks is often easier than it sounds, although you are required to give more information than you might suspect. Use only full, truthful information and, if the affiliate program is an English-based program than only put down English details. A lot of affiliate networks will want to know how you plan to get commissions and may have some base stipulations that you need to follow.

These include:

* Owning your own website * Refraining from bidding on AdWords for the trade names of the people you are trying to get commissions for * Not misrepresenting yourself as the merchant or as an agent of the merchant.

You will probably need to tell them how you plan to get the commissions but will not need to go into full detail. A broad stroke picture would probably suffice in most cases. And once you’re accepted you’ve probably still got some steps to follow as well. Some sites, like Shareasale, have limited membership for people who have just joined the affiliate program.

Essentially a limited member is someone who hasn’t earned any commissions yet and many merchants within the network often don’t want to work with ‘learner’ affiliates. As a result it’s best to sign on with merchants within the network that have lower entry points, and as a result, are better for developing a good reputation with.

So what is an affiliate network?

It is essentially a group of people that allows you to build better relationships, help you negotiate for better commission rates and get more money. And that is what you’re after.

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